FFwD: Chicken bĀ“stilla

This is actually a moroccan dish that has found its way into the french cuisine. Its sweetness recalled us of arabic meals. It has many components building the final flavors: tart, sweet and spicy at the same time. It was delicious and the crispy phyllo dough gives a nice touch. We omitted the cinammon-sugar on top, just because it sounded to strange to me on a savory dish. Our little daughter was not a fan of it even if she loves chicken. I guess it was a bit to unusual for her.

The house was filled with the fragance of saffron, which is something I love. We will keep this recipe for another time, but it is quite time-consuming, so that it will be kept for a special occasion. As always in FFwD the recipe is taken from the book “Around my french table”. There is a similar recipe in internet. Give it a try!