Parents and children ideas

Parents and children ideas

We prepared a large surface to paint, a special tool, special colors, all ready to make the great experience…
… and our daughters painted … her hands!!! 😛 But even so, very funny !!!


Lazy days skirt

Lazy days skirt

We have let the blog resting for a while. Not that it needed it, but well it is not easy to have a proper balance of all to-do’s and all wishes. And well the blog comes always last. But for sure we were not resting here. Apart from the work and home duties we have made several projects with the kids and there was also a lot of sewing in the rare spare time. This is one of the first sewing projects: a skirt following the simple and free pattern of oliver + s. The fabrics were actually scraps from a cushion I made for the morning circle of the Krippe of the youngest. Nice sewing project to start with and the result is quite neat.