Flan de la tía Manoli

¡¡¡Nos ha salido!!! Está bueníiiiisimo.

Flan de huevo
Ingredientes: (para 8 personas)
6 huevos
6 EL azúcar
3 vasos nocilla de leche

Se baten los huevos. Se añade el azúcar y se bate. Se agrega la leche. Se vierte en la flanera, que previamente se ha recubierto de caramelo (en una sartén peq. Se pone azúcar a fuego lento hasta que tengas un caramelo oscuro). Se tapa la flanera. Se pone en la olla exprés con unos dos dedos de agua. Se deja unos 20 min

FFwD: Paris mushroom soup

In November I joined the group of French Fridays with Dorie and I have been since then cooking along. Not all the recipes as I did not manage due to lack of time, but several of them. The good thing of this group is that there is no required number of accomplished tasks. So if you cannot make a recipe in time, there is just no pressure. But until now I couldn’t put any of the recipes here, of some of them I did not even take a foto. The one for last week was a quick and easy one: Paris mushroom soup. I did not use Paris mushrooms (the very white ones) but the plain mushrooms they always have in the supermarket here. The soup was very good and comforting in a cold evening. It is really a soup, not a creamy one (well I also skip the addition of creme fraiche), but it was perfect that way. I could imagine adding some potatoes to make it thicker, but we all liked it very much as it was. As always in FFwD the recipe is taken from the book “Around my french table”, and this time it can also be found online here. Give it a try, we will repeat it soon!

Some other recipes done in the FFwD-group:

Potato Gratin: could have been better, but I also did not use any cream at all but milk to make it lighter. I shall try again sticking to the real recipe.

Roast Chicken for Les Paresseux: superb!

Leek and potato soup: similar to the leek soups we always cook at home. Very good and comforting. See for instance here for a version in bread bowls.

The last Daring Cook´s challenges in 2010

November has brought us the chance to learn how to make a souffle. Here is our spinach-cheese souffle:

December’s challenge was to master poaching. We have learnt a lot from this challenge, even if at first it looked so simple. Here are our Eggs Benedict with english muffins. The recipe of the muffins is found here and they are incredibly good. Do try them!

Apfelreis, Hefezopft and a review

I got the opportunity to participate in a review of a great book, Heimwehküche, at Valentinas-Kochbuch. We were also lucky to get to try the recipes of such a great book, and we did try a lot of them at home. You can have a look at the review, and just left you a couple of photos of two recipes we liked a lot: Apfelreis mit Eischneehaube and Sonntagshefezopf:

The last baking challenges of 2010

There has been no way of finding time to put the posts up-to-date, so I will quickly try to put today some of our last cooking projects online. First I will review the last Daring Baker Challenges.

November´s challenge was to make a crostata. Just with the same recipe we have always used at home: the one of Artusi, which can be found here.
We made to of them and took them to work. One was made with pastry cream and the other with jam. The jam was a bit too sweet as it condensates in the oven, otherwise they were very good as usual.

December´s challenge was to make Stollen. Stollen is a typical german treat for christmas and we had already thought of making it this year, so it was a nice surprise and a great challenge. We made six of them, to give them as presents. We tried two of them. The one we took to Spain was great, also the one we took to Italy, but that one was already a bit too dry, nice with tea though. The recipe is a keeper, we will anyhow try next year an original german recipe.