Christmas crafts

Just a week before Xmas we managed to prepare some postcards to send our best wishes to our dearest ones. Sara did all the drawing using mainly cookie cutters as stamps. It was great fun. And though the wishes arrived a bit late, they were all happy to get something made from her.

Before flying to my in-laws I also managed to finished a cowl for Sara and another one for Pablo. The one of Sara matches her hat and she was very happy about the flowers on it. Sadly I did not take into account the stretching of the ribbing and now it is definitely too loose. The one from Pablo came great though. This time I followed a free pattern on ravelry.

One thing that made me happy was that I finished over the holidays a project, that had been frogged for ages: a blanket. All the stripes were already finished and I just had to do the sewing. It has turned out to be a very cozy an beautiful blanket, but the project was very boring: all stockinette with nothing new to learn. I do not think I will start another long project in a good while.