FFwD: Mustard Batons and Bistrot Paul Bert Pepper Steak

Mustard batons for FFwD: such an easy and good . We used bavarian mustard which made them somehow sweet. Next time we will try with a strong Dijon mustard, or with tapenade. Anyway it will be good! The recipe can be found in Dorie’s blog.

Even more special has been the recipe we made today: the pepper steak. Very very nice! And great: it was our first flambé: the flames were over a meter high but it is really quick. The match lights the evaporated gas (we used Grappa, not Cognac), so you do not need to put it too close.

DC: Edible containers

The Daring Cooks were challenge in April to be creative and make savory edible containers. In the recipe they suggest to make a pumpkin bowl filled with creamy shrimp, a noodle basket for salads, or eggs in toast cups. Instead here is what we made:

First we prepared a pumpkin soup in a bread bowl:

Renata had this recipe in her blog, but we used this one. It is really a nice idea, and a very tasty one. We liked it a lot. The bowls remained though quite small, as they did not raise as much as we thought they would.

Later we prepared some bacon cups for baked eggs:

Ideal for breakfast and they are both delicious and pretty. Just remember that the bacon is quite salty, so you won’t need any extra salt. There are several recipes in the web, as here, here or here.

And we also tried to make some parmesan baskets:

Remember that they are again quite salty so try to use them to serve something really fresh!

Meringue Coffee Cake

This month Daring Baker challenge was a coffee cake. A really good coffee cake. It is basically a yeasted swirl bread filled with meringue which melts in the oven and penetrates in the dough giving it a nice moisture. Along with the meringue some other fillings are added, in our case nuts, cinnamon and chopped chocolate. The dough has two rises. As I usually do in this cases, I left it overnight in the fridge for the first rise and then took it out half an hour before of starting to shape it. The recipe makes two ring cakes. This is actually a lot so we froze one, cut in slices, so we can take them out and warm them directly in the toaster.

It is a very nice recipe. For sure a keeper 🙂

There are so many variations of this cake possible, that it will provide for sure an excuse for new attempts. The Daring Kitchen gave us the suggestion of a saffron-scented dough with a spicy filling or look for instance here for a savory bread with this recipe.

The last Daring Cook´s challenges in 2010

November has brought us the chance to learn how to make a souffle. Here is our spinach-cheese souffle:

December’s challenge was to master poaching. We have learnt a lot from this challenge, even if at first it looked so simple. Here are our Eggs Benedict with english muffins. The recipe of the muffins is found here and they are incredibly good. Do try them!

Apfelreis, Hefezopft and a review

I got the opportunity to participate in a review of a great book, Heimwehküche, at Valentinas-Kochbuch. We were also lucky to get to try the recipes of such a great book, and we did try a lot of them at home. You can have a look at the review, and just left you a couple of photos of two recipes we liked a lot: Apfelreis mit Eischneehaube and Sonntagshefezopf: