Practical life: sweeping and a new apron

In the Montessori spirit the kids have their own broom and dustpan sets and from time to time they love to help cleaning up in the kitchen. When we seem to sweep in all different directions, undoing the work of the other, we use a trick: we agree on an area where to collect the dirt. Here we marked it with washi tape. It is really a good practical life activity.


The apron she is wearing is a new one I have sewn for her following the pattern of SewLiberated. I added a pocket and the piping, which I used for the first time. I really like how it came together. The best of all is that Sara can put it own on her own. No ties what so ever. She really likes that. The pattern is very nice, the only problem I had was the length of the elastic neck strap. I did not try it on her before assembling everything together and I had to undo it as it proved to be much too small. We have big heads over here:-) I will remember now to check such things before sewing together and even topstitching!

First scribbles

Our youngest pays day by day more attention to the art material at home. Mainly he is busy emptying the boxes of crayons or pencils and partly putting them back in place, but from time to time he actually sits and tries to draw something. It is just great to watch these first attempts!

Just for the records I put here the first work of art signed by Sara herself. It is from last November and since then we had a lot of letter work and she really enjoys now “writing” very much. She writes long lists of letters and she loves bringing these sentences to us. We try to do our best reading these impossible words and we all have a laugh.

One can see in the picture the process of drawing the letters by copying signs. She still keeps this way of writing her “R”‘s (a circle with two sticks). It is so funny, I would not dare to correct it.

First sew along: leggings

I joined my first sew-along by naii. It has been a motivation for sewing for the first time with knits. I used a ball-pointed needle and it worked just fine. I chose an elastic stitch which has a kind of honeycomb shape and it worked without the help of tissue paper. The knit fabric was a bit boring, all in gray, so I put a small touch of “color” by adding some decorative stitches by hand: a dandelion. I was not sure how to go with an applique, but I will try another time as I have seen now a tutorial explaining it. The pattern worked fine. I used a size 110 cm, but reduced it in the middle by nearly 2 cm, as the knit was very stretchy. They are nice for gym, but next time I would make them wider and try to adjust the front, where the fit is not perfect.


I lost for sure the “fear” of using knit fabric and I’m sure that I will be making more leggings in the years to come. We made also several flowers by rolling up thin stripes of the scrap fabric. They look really cute!