Mittens for this fall

For this fall I wanted Sara to have new mittens. The snow-gloves still fit her, but the last year´s mittens are a bit small. I used the medium size of the mittens’ pattern of “Little things to sew”. It is a very nice pattern, quick and easy to follow. I used a very soft and nice cotton fleece, but I thought it was not thick enough. I first thought of lining the mittens, following the construction of ikatbag. You can even make mittens for the snow with the same technique and Liesl´s pattern (see here). But at the end I decided to quilt two pieces of fleece and treat it as a single layer.



I like so much the pattern that since then I have already sewed two more pairs 🙂


Yeah, I know: it is a bit late for Halloween. But I just did not manage to upload the photos until now. We actually do not really celebrate Halloween over here. But two of the teachers in the Kindergarten of Sara are Americans and they organized a Halloween party. So some quick costumes had to be organized.
Sara wanted to be a witch, and pinterest was of great help. I sewed her a hat following these instructions. I changed a bit the pattern to make it fit a bigger head (increasing the brim by about two fingers, and the cone to match it).
This is a foto of the hat on its way to the Kindergarten:
The skirt was made as a tutu with no sewing involved. It is made by knotting stripes of tutu on a band. I saw the idea here, and funny enough a friend of mine just used it too. I did not had a crochet band, so I just cut small slots in an elastic band, which worked more than fine. I also sew a layer of tutu underneath, but it was not really showing.
If you look close, you can see the stripes fraying. I was not even careful at all when cutting the stripes, so they came out really irregular. But the effect was the one we were looking for, and Sara was very pretty and first of all very happy in her witch costume:
Pablo was then supposed to be her black cat. So I quickly cut a tail out of black felt and made a cat head with a hood. The hood was the medium size of the “cozy winter hood” of Little things to sew. I did not line it so I reduced the seam allowances accordingly, and also changed a bit the ears. As felt does not need to be finished at the borders, it all went very quickly. Here was our cat:
For me I made this bats-headband, which was so much fun, and surprised the children :2013Holloween_BatHeadband