Name puzzles

Sara is very interested in learning the letters. We do not push her, but when she shows interest we try to keep it. We have made for her a set of name puzzles. For the time being we just made a set with the names of the nearest family members. Each person has a match box with his/her photo on it, and inside there are the letters of the name, which have to be put into the right order to made up the name. We have to extend it to include the names of her friends as she is eager to know how to write them.


When she was finished with a name she was putting the letters in the right order into the boxes. Very accurately:-)


2 thoughts on “Name puzzles

  1. Sí, le gusta mucho. Hemos aumentado el nivel (tipo de Tía a Tía Rut) y ahora le quiero hacer lo de sus amigos, que le hará retomar el interés, porque siempre está preguntando: Cómo se escribe Elisabeth? Cómo se escribe Milo? etc. Le encanta hacer dibujos para regalar y quiere siempre escribir “Para … de Sara”.

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