Reading to Sara

I wanted to talk about the favorite storybooks from Sara, as the interest shifts and it is nice to keep the record of it. The ones she is now always going back to are the following:


It is ages since we last wrote a new post!!! Time is more scarce with a new baby at home and interests are slightly different. We do not have the time to cook complicated recipes and we rather spend the time in the afternoon with activities that we can enjoy all together. We still try to find the space of cooking for pleasure but the more straightforward and practical recipes from the yaya are the clear winners in the last time. We do try to keep are weekly meal plans as it help us focus in the afternoon and it also helps to keep the weekly budget, something we are always struggling with. Anyway I think we will now share here other aspects of our family lives: like afternoon activities, diy projects, learning games or whatever occupies our minds… Let us see what shape the blog takes!