Sew-along: Shorts for the CC (sew-along) MRdM

I got again involved in a sew-along organized by MiRincónDeMariposas. I have sewn the first piece of garment for myself: a pair of shorts for this summer. The pattern is really flattering and the elastic waist makes of it a very comfy wardrobe piece. If it would not have been for the sew-along I would have never made the reinforcement top-stitching, and it is great: it gives a professional-looking finish.


Thanks to MRdM for this sew-along and for the final push to make something for myself:-)

The fabric is a dark blue linen. I did not include any pockets as I wanted to finish as quick as possible. I have several running sewing projects, that I would like to finish before the holidays. I might include later on a small snap pocket though. The hem was done using some contrasting fabric to make a hem facing as explained here. It adds a nice touch of color.

Here a detail of the hem:
and of the top-stitching for the reinforcement of the seams:

First scribbles

Our youngest pays day by day more attention to the art material at home. Mainly he is busy emptying the boxes of crayons or pencils and partly putting them back in place, but from time to time he actually sits and tries to draw something. It is just great to watch these first attempts!

Just for the records I put here the first work of art signed by Sara herself. It is from last November and since then we had a lot of letter work and she really enjoys now “writing” very much. She writes long lists of letters and she loves bringing these sentences to us. We try to do our best reading these impossible words and we all have a laugh.

One can see in the picture the process of drawing the letters by copying signs. She still keeps this way of writing her “R”‘s (a circle with two sticks). It is so funny, I would not dare to correct it.


It is ages since we last wrote a new post!!! Time is more scarce with a new baby at home and interests are slightly different. We do not have the time to cook complicated recipes and we rather spend the time in the afternoon with activities that we can enjoy all together. We still try to find the space of cooking for pleasure but the more straightforward and practical recipes from the yaya are the clear winners in the last time. We do try to keep are weekly meal plans as it help us focus in the afternoon and it also helps to keep the weekly budget, something we are always struggling with. Anyway I think we will now share here other aspects of our family lives: like afternoon activities, diy projects, learning games or whatever occupies our minds… Let us see what shape the blog takes!