Christmas baking

This year we do not have the time to do a big baking action, but from time to time we do bake some Christmas cookies. Andrea is exploring old recipes, from the book of Artusi. For Pablo’s Nikolausfeier he made these Galletti(2). Really nice and very buttery (Artusi is Artusi!). But I rather prefer the Galletti(1) with aniseed, as I love that flavor.
As we cannot go so easily to K-lina’s party for Santa Lucia, I decided to make myself the famous Lusse Kata. I followed the recipe posted by GreenKitchenStories. It is just a great recipe, with no sugar, sweetened with maple syrup. I used soy yogurt to make it casein free, and reduced the saffron to half a gram. It was more than enough and already makes these buns quite a luxury. If not trying to make it naturally-sweetened and vegan or casein free, this recipe is probably a more traditional version. But I can assure you that you won’t miss the sugar nor the milk in these nice buns.
These sweet ravioli filled with marzipan are based again on one of Artusi’s recipes. The dough is like the one for the crostata. Very nice though maybe a tad too sweet.

The last baking challenges of 2010

There has been no way of finding time to put the posts up-to-date, so I will quickly try to put today some of our last cooking projects online. First I will review the last Daring Baker Challenges.

NovemberĀ“s challenge was to make a crostata. Just with the same recipe we have always used at home: the one of Artusi, which can be found here.
We made to of them and took them to work. One was made with pastry cream and the other with jam. The jam was a bit too sweet as it condensates in the oven, otherwise they were very good as usual.

DecemberĀ“s challenge was to make Stollen. Stollen is a typical german treat for christmas and we had already thought of making it this year, so it was a nice surprise and a great challenge. We made six of them, to give them as presents. We tried two of them. The one we took to Spain was great, also the one we took to Italy, but that one was already a bit too dry, nice with tea though. The recipe is a keeper, we will anyhow try next year an original german recipe.