Do your children like to play with playdough? At our home we do not use it so often, but when we take it out to play, the children get very engaged and play with it a lot. At the moment we are using store bought playdough, which we like from time to time, to also use many colors (at least the first day of playing with it). But in between I make batches of homemade playdough. It works pretty well, and our oldest also gets involved in the process of preparation, which she enjoys a lot. We use this recipe here (without the glitter, though I am sure that it will be a nice addition, but we will wait for that until I am sure that the youngest won´t taste it). It is a nice playdough that also lasts a lot, as it is cooked. The last batch we made lasted over three months. We then threw it away, not because it had developed mold or anything of the kind, but it had lost its consistence and was not holding its shape anymore.

Homemade playdough

Homemade playdough

The site where I got the recipe from is great for craft ideas. Some ideas for playing with playdough can be found here.

From this site we also tried the air dry playdough. It has a very nice texture to play with, but the next days we were a bit disappointed with it: only the thinner “scultures” really dry out, but they were breaking very easily. We never came to paint them and it was a pity. Anyway I think we will give it another try at some point.

Enjoy playing with playdough with your children!