Name puzzles

Sara is very interested in learning the letters. We do not push her, but when she shows interest we try to keep it. We have made for her a set of name puzzles. For the time being we just made a set with the names of the nearest family members. Each person has a match box with his/her photo on it, and inside there are the letters of the name, which have to be put into the right order to made up the name. We have to extend it to include the names of her friends as she is eager to know how to write them.


When she was finished with a name she was putting the letters in the right order into the boxes. Very accurately:-)


Practical life: sweeping and a new apron

In the Montessori spirit the kids have their own broom and dustpan sets and from time to time they love to help cleaning up in the kitchen. When we seem to sweep in all different directions, undoing the work of the other, we use a trick: we agree on an area where to collect the dirt. Here we marked it with washi tape. It is really a good practical life activity.


The apron she is wearing is a new one I have sewn for her following the pattern of SewLiberated. I added a pocket and the piping, which I used for the first time. I really like how it came together. The best of all is that Sara can put it own on her own. No ties what so ever. She really likes that. The pattern is very nice, the only problem I had was the length of the elastic neck strap. I did not try it on her before assembling everything together and I had to undo it as it proved to be much too small. We have big heads over here:-) I will remember now to check such things before sewing together and even topstitching!