DC: Edible containers

The Daring Cooks were challenge in April to be creative and make savory edible containers. In the recipe they suggest to make a pumpkin bowl filled with creamy shrimp, a noodle basket for salads, or eggs in toast cups. Instead here is what we made:

First we prepared a pumpkin soup in a bread bowl:

Renata had this recipe in her blog, but we used this one. It is really a nice idea, and a very tasty one. We liked it a lot. The bowls remained though quite small, as they did not raise as much as we thought they would.

Later we prepared some bacon cups for baked eggs:

Ideal for breakfast and they are both delicious and pretty. Just remember that the bacon is quite salty, so you won’t need any extra salt. There are several recipes in the web, as here, here or here.

And we also tried to make some parmesan baskets:

Remember that they are again quite salty so try to use them to serve something really fresh!

Flan de la tía Manoli

¡¡¡Nos ha salido!!! Está bueníiiiisimo.

Flan de huevo
Ingredientes: (para 8 personas)
6 huevos
6 EL azúcar
3 vasos nocilla de leche

Se baten los huevos. Se añade el azúcar y se bate. Se agrega la leche. Se vierte en la flanera, que previamente se ha recubierto de caramelo (en una sartén peq. Se pone azúcar a fuego lento hasta que tengas un caramelo oscuro). Se tapa la flanera. Se pone en la olla exprés con unos dos dedos de agua. Se deja unos 20 min

The last Daring Cook´s challenges in 2010

November has brought us the chance to learn how to make a souffle. Here is our spinach-cheese souffle:

December’s challenge was to master poaching. We have learnt a lot from this challenge, even if at first it looked so simple. Here are our Eggs Benedict with english muffins. The recipe of the muffins is found here and they are incredibly good. Do try them!