Do your children like to play with playdough? At our home we do not use it so often, but when we take it out to play, the children get very engaged and play with it a lot. At the moment we are using store bought playdough, which we like from time to time, to also use many colors (at least the first day of playing with it). But in between I make batches of homemade playdough. It works pretty well, and our oldest also gets involved in the process of preparation, which she enjoys a lot. We use this recipe here (without the glitter, though I am sure that it will be a nice addition, but we will wait for that until I am sure that the youngest won´t taste it). It is a nice playdough that also lasts a lot, as it is cooked. The last batch we made lasted over three months. We then threw it away, not because it had developed mold or anything of the kind, but it had lost its consistence and was not holding its shape anymore.

Homemade playdough

Homemade playdough

The site where I got the recipe from is great for craft ideas. Some ideas for playing with playdough can be found here.

From this site we also tried the air dry playdough. It has a very nice texture to play with, but the next days we were a bit disappointed with it: only the thinner “scultures” really dry out, but they were breaking very easily. We never came to paint them and it was a pity. Anyway I think we will give it another try at some point.

Enjoy playing with playdough with your children!

First sew along: leggings

I joined my first sew-along by naii. It has been a motivation for sewing for the first time with knits. I used a ball-pointed needle and it worked just fine. I chose an elastic stitch which has a kind of honeycomb shape and it worked without the help of tissue paper. The knit fabric was a bit boring, all in gray, so I put a small touch of “color” by adding some decorative stitches by hand: a dandelion. I was not sure how to go with an applique, but I will try another time as I have seen now a tutorial explaining it. The pattern worked fine. I used a size 110 cm, but reduced it in the middle by nearly 2 cm, as the knit was very stretchy. They are nice for gym, but next time I would make them wider and try to adjust the front, where the fit is not perfect.


I lost for sure the “fear” of using knit fabric and I’m sure that I will be making more leggings in the years to come. We made also several flowers by rolling up thin stripes of the scrap fabric. They look really cute!

Christmas crafts

Just a week before Xmas we managed to prepare some postcards to send our best wishes to our dearest ones. Sara did all the drawing using mainly cookie cutters as stamps. It was great fun. And though the wishes arrived a bit late, they were all happy to get something made from her.

Before flying to my in-laws I also managed to finished a cowl for Sara and another one for Pablo. The one of Sara matches her hat and she was very happy about the flowers on it. Sadly I did not take into account the stretching of the ribbing and now it is definitely too loose. The one from Pablo came great though. This time I followed a free pattern on ravelry.

One thing that made me happy was that I finished over the holidays a project, that had been frogged for ages: a blanket. All the stripes were already finished and I just had to do the sewing. It has turned out to be a very cozy an beautiful blanket, but the project was very boring: all stockinette with nothing new to learn. I do not think I will start another long project in a good while.

New hat for Sara

New hat for Sara

With the snow already here and the cold winds at Saras Kindergarten location we needed a new hat.. One with earflaps and quick. I had a look at my wool stashes and found several skeins of DROPS Eskimo, which is quite thick, so it was perfect for the project. I found the pattern online

Kerchief for Lilli

I made a kerchief for a birthday of a pretty little girl, we are glad to know. I followed a free pattern (Olivia Kerchief) by Ingvild Ree-Pedersen in ravelry. You can see all the details of the project there. It was a great little project for me: quick and at the same time allowed me to learn a bunch of new things: i-cord, many of the basic stitches for lace, and what blocking is. Just great, I could not have been happier doing it.

Here is a picture of the kerchief while blocking it. It seems to be very important to have a nice final appearance.