First sew along: leggings

I joined my first sew-along by naii. It has been a motivation for sewing for the first time with knits. I used a ball-pointed needle and it worked just fine. I chose an elastic stitch which has a kind of honeycomb shape and it worked without the help of tissue paper. The knit fabric was a bit boring, all in gray, so I put a small touch of “color” by adding some decorative stitches by hand: a dandelion. I was not sure how to go with an applique, but I will try another time as I have seen now a tutorial explaining it. The pattern worked fine. I used a size 110 cm, but reduced it in the middle by nearly 2 cm, as the knit was very stretchy. They are nice for gym, but next time I would make them wider and try to adjust the front, where the fit is not perfect.


I lost for sure the “fear” of using knit fabric and I’m sure that I will be making more leggings in the years to come. We made also several flowers by rolling up thin stripes of the scrap fabric. They look really cute!


8 thoughts on “First sew along: leggings

    • Me alegro de que te gusten. La flor queda bien chula en el pelo, y además nos ha servido para tapar la parte de una horquilla que estaba un poco rota.

  1. Enhorabuena! Genial los leggings! El bordado da un toque especial a las telas sin estampado, muy buena idea! Me alegro que hayas perdido el miedo a las telas de punto, todo es empezar. Gracias por participar!

    • Gracias a ti! La verdad es que había leído varias cosas que me habían desanimado y había dejado lo de la tela de camisetas pendiente. Me ha gustado mucho comprobar que no es para tanto. Y además mi hija está encantada porque a ella le chiflan los leggings. Con el CoseConmigo se ven tantas ideas, que seguro pronto caerán otros leggings! Gracias de nuevo 🙂

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