Kerchief for Lilli

I made a kerchief for a birthday of a pretty little girl, we are glad to know. I followed a free pattern (Olivia Kerchief) by Ingvild Ree-Pedersen in ravelry. You can see all the details of the project there. It was a great little project for me: quick and at the same time allowed me to learn a bunch of new things: i-cord, many of the basic stitches for lace, and what blocking is. Just great, I could not have been happier doing it.

Here is a picture of the kerchief while blocking it. It seems to be very important to have a nice final appearance.


2 thoughts on “Kerchief for Lilli

    • Sorry, for not replying before… I have completely neglected the blog in the last months. Too much work, but I decided to resume. Regarding your question, you’re right, that is the way to go. But as it never gets very long you can also knit it all the way with DP-needles. It least I did one like that.

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