FFwD: March

Today I am going to try to bring up-to-date our posts. We have been very busy lately and could not come to post anything.

Let us start with some of the dishes scheduled for march in French Fridays with Dorie. The schedule read:

    March 4, 2011- savory cheese and chive bread, pages 34-36.

    March 11, 2011- beggar’s linguine, pages 370 and 371.

    March 18, 2011- salted butter break-ups, pages 400 and 401.

    March 25, 2011- scallops with caramel-orange sauce, pages 317-319.

We had already talked about the cheese bread And now is the turn of the other two savory recipes: beggar’s linguine and the scallops with caramel-orange sauce. Both are nice recipes but probably none of them will be repeated at home. Instead of linguine we made fusilli (see left photo). But regardless of the kind of pasta used, the recipe is too sweet for us. We added a bit of ham, but nevertheless it will not become one of our favorite pasta meals. For the second recipe we had to make some changes as we do not get here fresh scallops, which is really a pity. We decided to used shrimps instead, which can be a nice substitution. Again it was nice but the flavors not really convincing. Too much caramel??


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