Papas rellenas de carne y pesto de remolacha

The Challenge of March for the Daring Cooks was some Peruvian Food: Cheviche de pescado and Papas rellenas. We decided to skip the cheviche, as we don’t trust so much the freshness of the fish around here, but even if late we were determined to try the Papas rellenas. They are basically made out of a “dough”, which is basically mashed potatoes with one egg, and in the middle you put a filling that you like. We filled them with minced beef, cooked with raisins and olives. Just as the recipe describes it, but without adding any extra egg. Finally they are then coated (just as done with the traditional Spanish croquetas) and fried.

They were very good. It is for sure a recipe that will be coming from time to time in our weekly menus.

We served them with a simple salad and some beetroot pesto on bread, which is delicious. For the pesto just put together in the food processor the cooked or roasted beetroot, with some garlic and almonds, a pinch of salt and grated Parmesan cheese. For the quantities just follow your taste. It has to have a rather fine texture, so you have to blend it for several minutes, adding from time to time olive oil. We previously roasted the beet roots individually folded in foil at 200C, for about 45 minutes to one hour. They are really aromatic this way and do not loose any juices. You can see detailed instructions here.

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