Meringue Coffee Cake

This month Daring Baker challenge was a coffee cake. A really good coffee cake. It is basically a yeasted swirl bread filled with meringue which melts in the oven and penetrates in the dough giving it a nice moisture. Along with the meringue some other fillings are added, in our case nuts, cinnamon and chopped chocolate. The dough has two rises. As I usually do in this cases, I left it overnight in the fridge for the first rise and then took it out half an hour before of starting to shape it. The recipe makes two ring cakes. This is actually a lot so we froze one, cut in slices, so we can take them out and warm them directly in the toaster.

It is a very nice recipe. For sure a keeper 🙂

There are so many variations of this cake possible, that it will provide for sure an excuse for new attempts. The Daring Kitchen gave us the suggestion of a saffron-scented dough with a spicy filling or look for instance here for a savory bread with this recipe.


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