For a celebration at work, I brought these two cakes:

I’m afraid I like too much experimenting in the kitchen and trying new recipes, and the poor guys at work nearly always get something new to try. The first of the cakes is a German Mohnkuchen (a poppy seed cake), which recipe has been marked in the book Heimwehküche since I got it for the review. It was nice but filling….way too much. For me it had too much butter inside. It is fine when doing it for a large group of people, but even then try to do it thinner. I was the first and last time to make it.
The second cake is a twist on a home classic: rosca de yogurt. I will post the original recipe at some point. But in this one I tried to make it healthier by changing the refined sugar with muscovado sugar, but the result was not really satisfying. I will have to try to substitute it in another way.


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