DB: Panna Cotta with fruit jelly and florentiner

In February we were challenged in the Daring Kitchen to make panna cotta. It is a dessert we have tried several times, both with gelatin and agar-agar. This time I used powdered gelatin as called for in the recipe. I made it half-half (half cream, half milk) which is more than fine and still very creamy. I skip the sugar, as indeed it is sweetened enough with the honey. It is better to use a mild honey as acacia honey, but it is of course a matter of taste. You can previously infused the cream and milk mixture to obtain different flavors (with lavender, vanilla beans, tea, cinammon, etc). On top we made a blood orange juice jelly (just following the instructions of the gelatin package with the juice as the liquid component). It went very well together and its tartness helped balancing the sweetness of the panna cotta.

As you see, I decided to put a bit larger images now 🙂

As part of the challenge we also made Florentiner cookies. They were very good and indeed they were eaten quite fast. Thery also were quick and easy to make, but I am not sure of using this recipe again. For my taste they is too much butter in them. Otherwise no complains.

We also made later on a vegan version of the panna cotta, following this recipe. But as I had previously experienced with silken tofu, making chocolate pudding with no agar-agar I tried to skip it here. The result was nice but did not have the consistency of panna cotta, and could not be unmolded.


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